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 Top Pools at Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace Pools

Situated on five luxurious acres, the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis is one of the most beautiful pool areas in Las Vegas. With eight pool areas, there is a variety of experiences at Caesars Palace pool complex.

Guests can enjoy full sun worshipping, blissful relaxation, a social pool scene, an action-packed gaming pool, athletic lap pool, serene and elegant retreats, and European-style topless sunbathing pool with DJ music on weekends.

All of the pool areas have comfortable chaise lounges to relax into. Rental cabanas and daybeds are available. Outdoor and poolside spa services may be reserved. Evian face spritzers and body massages are a wonderful luxury.

The iconic rotunda at the center Oasis is the Temple Pool. It is complimented with fabulous sculptures, columns, topiaries and grand columns. A tiered design allows for a perfect view of the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis at any vantage point. They offer five rental cabanas and 17 days beds.

Get some gaming in at The Fortuna Pool . This action-packed pool has swim-up blackjack and an impressive water fall. Get a bite to eat or refreshing cocktail at their Sun Lounge.

The Neptune Pool is the social hub of the Garden of Gods Pool Oasis. This is the place to mingle and socialize. They offer eight rental cabanas and 24 day beds.

Go topless in this exclusive pool area where European-style sunbathing is allowed. The Venus Pool Club is a secluded retreat with high end food and beverage selections. Catch some rays, watch the people or simply relax. Guest DJs perform on weekends. They offer 11 rental cabanas, couches and 14 days beds.

The Apollo Pool offers the best sun for the devoted sun worshipers looking for a southwest natural tan. They offer five rental cabanas and seven canopied day beds.

The Jupiter Pool is a serene, secluded and relaxing get away. They offer five rental cabanas, eight days beds with or without canopies and Scoop day beds.

The Bacchus pool overlooks the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis with striking views of Jupiter and Apollo pools. Relax and enjoy. The cabana servers will attend to your needs.

Rental cabana prices vary, but generally start at $225 and up. Weekday pricing typically is lower than weekend rates. They come fully furnished with a stocked fridge, TV and comfortable upholstered seating.

Call a Caesars Palace cabana host directly for more detailed information at 877-346-4642 or inquire at their Concierge desk in the front lobby of the hotel.